At Hedges N’ Trees, we try to help each of our clients as much as possible with useful information about tree surgery, our stump grinding services and firewood. Here, our tree surgeons have decided to answer some of the more common frequently-asked questions received from customers in Bookham looking for a reputable tree surgery company.

Can you get rid of a tree stump in my garden?

One of our specialist services is stump grinding. A tree surgeon will use a machine that can grind the remaining stump into fine sawdust and that drills up to 300mm underground. This kills off the roots and stops the spread of diseases which could affect other trees, plants and natural species in your Bookham garden.

I’ve a tree that is growing dangerously close to next door’s home. Can you help?

A tree surgeon will carry out a free site survey at your Bookham property and offer you advice on the best tree surgery practices to deal with it. Processes such as lopping, pruning or crown reduction will usually bring the tree under control.

Will the tree need to be fully removed if it’s a real issue?

This is something we can look into. This type of tree surgery will only be used as a last resort. However, we have a wealth of experience and usually know how to deal with overgrown trees without removing them from your outdoor space in Bookham.

Do you have a green policy?

As tree surgeons, it’s absolutely vital that we uphold a green policy and lead the way in environmental issues. All trees felled are cut, treated and recycled for use as firewood.

What happens to my tree once you’ve removed it from my Bookham premises?

Branches and wood are chopped onsite then processed to be used as timber and firewood. In the case of stump grinding, some mulch remains and this can be used around the garden to help with plant growth or weed management.

Is your firewood available all year round?

Yes. We use seasoned woods, such as oak and sycamore, to create firewood that is left to mature for a full year. This type of firewood is particularly suitable for wood burning stoves. Collect from us or arrange for delivery anywhere in the Surrey area.

When is the best time to prune my trees?

This depends on the species and your concerns can be addressed when we come to offer a free quote at your Bookham property. Our tree surgeons will always advise you on a suitable tree management program that acts in the best interests of the species.

Does Hedges N’ Trees carry full insurance?

Yes. Our tree surgery holds public liability insurance to the value of £5m and all tree surgeons working for us are covered by employer’s insurance. We offer a safe and reassuring service that instantly puts the customer at ease.


If you have any tree surgery queries not listed here and you come from the Surrey area, call us today on 07563 749206 for practical help and advice.